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Device Integration

Modify the Configuration of Device Integration

1. Edit the edgedevice.yaml file

Before integrating the device, you need to edit the edgedevice.yaml file. protocolSettings can be further configured according to different protocols, please go to Shifu API Reference for detailed configuration.

connection: Ethernet
protocol: HTTP
  • connection: Indicates the network connection method of the device.
  • address: Indicates the network address of the device.
  • protocol: indicates the communication protocol to interact with the device.
  • protocolSettings: indicates the next settings for the protocol, for different protocols you need to introduce [different Setting] (references/api/

2. Create deviceshifu

After modifying the above files, you can create deviceshifu, which will try to connect to your device with the configuration you have set.

3. Detecting Device Access Status

If you find an Error or CrashLoopBackOff in deviceshifu status through the command kubectl get pods -n deviceshifu, it means that the connection is abnormal.

You can also print error messages with the command kubectl logs <NAME> -n deviceshifu.

Configure to Access an OPC UA Device

connection: Ethernet  
address: opc.tcp://
protocol: OPCUA
SecurityMode: None
ConnectionTimeoutInMilliseconds: 5000
AuthenticationMode: UserName
Username: user1
Password: pwd1

With the above configuration, set address to the address of your OPC UA device, protocol to OPC UA, protocolSetting to OPCUASetting, and configure SecurityMode, ConnectionTimeoutInMilliseconds, AuthenticationMode, and account password.

After modifying the configuration above, you can now create a deviceshifu to access the OPC UA device.