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apiVersion: v0

import ""


EdgeDevice is a custom resource created by Kubernetes CRD that represents a virtualized digital twin of a physical IoT device.

  • apiVersion: v1alpha1
  • kind: EdgeDevice
  • metadata
    Standard Kubernetes ObjectMeta.
  • spec (Spec)
    Describes the specification of an EdgeDevice.
  • status (EdgeDeviceStatus)
    Describes the observed status of the EdgeDevice.


EdgeDeviceSpec is the description of an EdgeDevice.


Hardware model of an EdgeDevice, e.g. Siemens S7-1200.

  • sku (string) required


Indicates how the EdgeDevice connects to Shifu.

  • connection (Connection) required
    • Connection (string)
      Indicates the connection method, which has to be Ethernet (for now).


Connection address of the EdgeDevice, the format varies depending on the protocol.

  • address (string) required


Connection protocol of the EdgeDevice.

  • protocol (Protocol) required
    • Protocol (string)
      indicates the connection protocol, which has to be HTTP, HTTPCommandline, MQTT, OPCUA, Socket or PLC4X (for now).


Settings of EdgeDevice connection protocol.

  • protocolSettings (ProtocolSettings)
    • MQTTSetting (MQTTSetting)
      • MQTTTopic (string)
        subscription of MQTT topic, e.g. /test/test.
    • OPCUASetting (OPCUASetting)
      • OPCUAEndpoint (string)
        server address of OPC UA, e.g. opc.tcp://
      • SecurityMode (string)
        message encryption mode of OPC UA, which has to be None (for now).
      • Username (string)
        connection authentication username of OPC UA, e.g. operator.
      • Password (string)
        connection authentication password of OPC UA, e.g. password.
      • ConnectionTimeoutInMilliseconds (int64)
        requested connection milliseconds for OPC UA, e.g. 1000.
    • SocketSetting (SocketSetting)
      • encoding (string)
        encoding of the socket connection, optionally utf-8 or hex, the default value is utf-8.
      • NetworkType (string)
        protocol of the socket link, which has to be tcp (for now).
      • bufferLength (int)
        buffer size of the socket when transferring data, the default value is 1024.
    • PLC4XSetting (PLC4XSetting)
      • protocol (Plc4xProtocol)
        protocol used by plc4x to connect to the device.


Plc4xProtocolS7           = "s7"
Plc4xProtocolADS = "ads"
Plc4xProtocolBACnet = "bacnet"
Plc4xProtocolCBus = "cbus"
Plc4xProtocolEip = "eip"
Plc4xProtocolKnx = "knx"
Plc4xProtocolModbusAscii = "modbus-ascii"
Plc4xProtocolModbusRTU = "modbus-rtu"
Plc4xProtocolModbusTcp = "modbus-tcp"


Additional information about the EdgeDevice.

  • customMetadata (string: string)
    additional information, e.g. ChargingTime: 9h.


Current status information

EdgeDevicePhase (will automatically update based on device telemetry)

Current state of EdgeDevice.

  • edgedevicephase (EdgeDevicePhase)
    • EdgeDevicePhase (string)
      State of EdgeDevice, has to be Pending, Running, Failed or Unknown.