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Platform Introduction

Shifu is derived from the Chinese word "师父". Teachers, therefore preach, teach and dispel doubts.. As a next-generation open source IoT development framework, Shifu has gain control over IoT devices and successfully endow such capabilities to developers in the form of APIs. In this way, traditional IoT application development is reduced to simple web development, which greatly improves the efficiency, quality and reusability of IoT application development.

Innovation Advantages

☁️ Cloud-native

As a cloud-native framework, Shifu extends the resources of Kubernetes through its CRD feature to achieve high availability, static domain names, service management, etc. Shifu can support any form of configuration for any device. When a physical device is connected, Shifu recognizes and starts the device's digital twin deviceShifu as a Kubernetes Pod. Developers can access all the features of an IoT device by accessing the deviceShifu API, you can also define features that the device doesn't originally have. The cloud-native Shifu makes system O&M much easier, and application developers can manage O&M through a set of Kubernetes infrastructure. Shifu will extend Kubernetes' capabilities in order to become the underlying architecture standard for IoT development, bringing container orchestration technology to the IoT software development ecosystem.

👥 Digital Twins

Leveraging on digital twin technology, Shifu successfully empowers devices with a thinking "digital brain". The digital twin will reflect the real-time state of the device, and developing operations on it is equivalent to operating the device itself. IoT devices plugged into Shifu will generate standardized APIs for interaction, achieve northbound data collection and southbound command control for all devices within the scene through the platform layer.


⚡ Blazing-fast

From thermohydrometers using standard protocols to complex machinery using proprietary drivers, Shifu is capable of integrating all kinds of heterogeneous devices.

🧩 Modularized

All devices and Apps integrated into Shifu are packaged as modules that can be loaded on demand.|

👨‍💻 Efficient

Once a device is integrated, Shifu automatically abstracts its capabilities into APIs, completely decoupling your App from the hardware, making IoT App development simple and efficient.|

🚀 Stable

Shifu is running in multiple production scenarios with 99.9999% stability, relieving you from the operational mess.|

🛡️ Safe

Designed by ex-UN cloud native security team. Shifu can easily enforce data encryption, network security and much more.|

🌐 Global Community

Benefiting from its Kubernetes-native architecture, Shifu can seamless integrate with the powerful cloud native software eco-system that allows developers around the world to help you with your problems.|