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Hi!We Are Edgenesis

Edgenesis (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to the R&D of the next generation open source IoT development frameworks.

Edgenesis has created the ingenious distributed IoT framework Shifu based on k8s, providing full-scene device hosting for customers and an integrated software development experience. By using digital twin technology within a transparent framework, Shifu endows devices with thinking digital brain. The platform layer collects north-bound data from all devices and machines on the scene and sends south-bound instructions.

Edgenesis has provided IoT development services to many industry leaders. The company has cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and Amazon. In the future, Edgenesis will continue to push the frontier of digital transformation of the IoT industry with Shifu.

Well Trusted by Industry Leaders

Welcome to join us!

Shifu brings mobile-app-development-experience to the IoT world!

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