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AWS Innovation Casebook

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Accelerating IoT application development by ten times, Shifu has been selected for 2022 Amazon IoT Innovation Case Study.

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Shifu + Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) full-stack IoT solution makes developing an industrial scenario as easy as developing an app. It greatly reduces the comprehensive O&M costs. IoT development and device hosting framework Shifu easily completes Kubernetes deployment with the help of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), it has achieved efficient cloud-edge collaboration, this can help its customers to integrate massive IoT devices at low cost.

Edgenesis Provides Full-scene Device Hosting

Edgenesis has developed Shifu, an IoT open source development framework based on K8s, which provides a transparent framework for customers' full-scene device hosting and integrated software development. By using Shifu, developers can connect, monitor and control any IoT devices more simply.

Shifu Nails Kubernetes With The Help Of Amazon EKS

Since Kubernetes is the underlying structure of Shifu, it needs to be deployed in the cloud for efficient cloud-edge collaboration. While working for a Industry 4.0 factory, Shifu has used AWS's EKS service. The architecture diagram is as follows.

Building a Full-stack IoT Solution Architecture

Application Scenario

An Industry 4.0 factory


Integrate all production and experimental equipment into Shifu to achieve 24x7 fully automated production with very low development cost.


The AWS-hosted Kubernetes allows Edgenesis to focus on the development of Shifu and create clusters with a single click. EKS also supports automatic elastic scaling for high-speed iterations of products, which greatly reduces expenses. AKS-hosted services have grealy reduced our comprehensive O&M costs。 Developers can integrate their devices into Shifu, and then develop automated process on the automatically generated digital twins to manage their applications.

Shifu makes developing an industrial scenario as easy as developing an app.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency Improvement

The original initial development cycle was two years and requires twelve engineers, but now it only takes two engineers two months to complete the task. The follow-up iteration cycle has been shortened from once every six months to once every two weeks, which greatly improves the customer's production and research efficiency.

One-stop Solution for Device Integration, Application Ddevelopment and System O&M Problems

Customer testimonial:

Shifu not only helps us integrate a large number of IoT devices at a very low cost, but also allows us to completely decouple the applications development from the hardware, which greatly improves the reusability of applications and development and iteration efficiency, making us to achieve the highest production and research efficiency in the industry, which significantly improves the competitiveness of the company.

With the support of Amazon EKS, Shifu can help IoT developers with their problems of device integration, application development and system O&M. Shifu is a one-stop solution for IoT application development, making the development of an industrial scenario all as easy as developing an APP!